silk organza, cotton thread
4.5" x 4" x 4" (each)

2015 - present

During a year of traveling, my relationship to my ever-changing surroundings sparked a fascination with home spaces, ultimately growing into a question of what a home (or the feeling of being home) actually is. There is a certain sacredness we reserve for the word “home,” which implies it is more than just a structure, and is somehow more than a house, even though the elements of a house—its site, objects, and occupants—are arguably requirements for creating a home. As I attempted to write a meaningful definition for home, I discovered a group of words related to the home and body that can be interchanged formulaically to create a series of phrases that seem to approach a definition, but often devolve into near-nonsense. Written on mugs as useless as my attempt to define home, this collection of 100+ unique phrases represents the elusiveness of my quest. 

© Skye Livingston 2017