Citrus paradisi : of flesh & skin

installation of 6 digitally printed panels with grapefruit liqueur, grapefruit soda, grapefruit juice, slices of grapefruit, grapefruit flavored candy balls, and candied grapefruit peel


For this series I skinned the interior wedges of a grapefruit and scanned them at a high resolution, then had the images printed large-scale on translucent fabric. In this way, the the grapefruit skins became much more impressive, and their details were more easily examined by the viewers. The titles are different equine colors and markings, drawing a connection between nourishment and the horse as a provider for humankind. The combination of the grapefruit edibles and the skin images creates a wake-like experience in which the viewers partake.

© Skye Livingston 2017