I have a strange request for you, dear reader. One that requires scissors, an envelope and most importantly, trust.

I need your hair.

Not too much, just a lock or two (or more, if you are getting your hair trimmed and happen to remember to kindly ask your hairdresser to bag those discarded strands). I have been collecting locks of hair* from people I've encountered during my travels over the past year and a half and will be creating an installation by sewing them into silk organza capsules as a way to memorialize the importance of the people around us in creating a homelike environment. I understand this is a very peculiar request, but I need you to know that no people or animals will be harmed in the production of this work and no hairs will be cloned, hexed or sewn into voodoo dolls. 

T O   P A R T I C I P A T E :

Please send your hair sample(s)** folded in a piece of paper or enclosed in a plastic baggie and labeled with the name of the donor to


501 14th AVENUE EAST


 Photo by Adam Field

Photo by Adam Field

*Of course I could go into a salon and ask for locks of hair, but it is so much more meaningful to collect it directly from people I know, or people who know people who know me, don't you think?

**can be short trimmings, a small lock, or even that bag of hair you kept as a memento of the time you got drunk and shaved your head (can also be beard trimmings, but please no other kinds of body hair....seriously, please don't send me that)